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Jennifer Cervantes

Dear Reader:

When I was little, I found myself lost in books that stirred my imagination. I vividly remember pretending I was the heroine in many of those books, which usually meant I had some sort of magical ability. I hope you find such magic and imagination in the pages of TORTILLA SUN.

I had so much fun bringing Izzy, Mateo, Nana, Maggie, and Frida to life. Each character had his or her own demands, like Frida insisted that she was a dog even though I wanted her to be a cat. So we compromised and she became a cat who thinks she's a dog.

If you believe all things are possible and that maybe, just maybe, there really is magic in this world, then you'll love TORTILLA SUN.

I hope you'll email me and say hi, see what I'm working on next, or just hang around to talk about the book. I always email back! I'd love for you to get a taste of TORTILLA SUN so email me at for your chance to win a copy.

Also, I hope you'll enter my Tortilla Adventure contest. Just send me an email with your favorite way to eat a tortilla! Winners must be in the U.S. or Canada. Details are on my website.

Thanks for your support!

Happy reading,
Jennifer Cervantes

Tortilla Sun / Jennifer Cervantes / Chronicle Books

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0811870153 / Published: June, 2010

Ages 8-12 / Middle-grade Fiction

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