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Rebekah Crane

Dear Reader:

High school is tough. The crushes, the bullying, the fact that anything you do can be splattered on social media. When I wrote PLAYING NICE, I knew it was important to be honest about high school, so I created a story about two girls. Two girls who can't seem to understand boys. Two girls who get bullied. Two girls whose differences make them stronger, whose friendship gives them hope. Two girls who discover the moment you think you're broken is actually the moment you break free.

Marty and Lil are high school to me. They drive around with the windows rolled down, blasting music, and screaming into the wind.

Check out my Tumblr,, for information on school/book club visits and ways to feature you and your best friend on my site. Also, enter to win a signed copy of PLAYING NICE by emailing me at!

High school is tough, but it's a hell of a lot easier with friends.

Friends Forever,
Rebekah Crane

"Hilarious, heartfelt, edgy."  —Rory O'Malley, Tony-Nominated Actor from The Book of Mormon

"I love this book as an adult but as a teenager I would have been obsessed. Rebekah Crane captures perfectly and poignantly the thousands of feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires of that wonderful creature called a teenager." —Lili Taylor, Actress

Playing Nice / Rebekah Crane / In This Together Media

Price: $11.99 / ISBN: 978-0985895655 / Published: January, 2013

Ages 7-12 / YA Fiction

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