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Tanille Edwards

Dear Reader:

As a young girl I fell in love with teen action movies. When I set out to write CAMEO I wanted to give it that fast paced, suspense feel of a spy movie with the cool edge of a teen flick. CAMEO stars Nia, a high school senior being stalked. A secret society might even be involved. Everyone she knows is suspect! CAMEO gives that Nancy Drew, James Bond, suspense thrill that I know, as a reader, you'd enjoy.

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"I loved this book. It was addicting and I couldn't put it down," — Review

Nia, the protagonist in the novel, happens to be a person I would almost want to be in high school....CAMEO, the novel has exceeded my expectations. — Review

Cameo / Tanille Edwards / Fire Flies Entertainmen

Price: $4.99 / ISBN: 978-0978730222 / Published: August, 2011

Ages 11-17 / YA

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