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Beth Fantaskey

Dear Reader:

What if you could be REALLY bad – then blame it on somebody else?  Enjoy all the "perks" of being evil – the stuff you stole, the revenge you wanted – then walk away, without guilt?  Because it wasn't really YOU who did wrong...

That's the premise of my new novel, JEKEL LOVES HYDE.  It's about a good girl who tastes an old chemical formula that liberates her darkest nature.  Jill Jekel doesn't even realize the bad stuff she's doing, until it might be too late.  

As a shy, "good girl," myself, I had fun living vicariously through Jill as she starts breaking some serious rules.  I hope you enjoy reading about her out-of-control alter ego, too.  

I'm giving away sample copies of JEKEL LOVES HYDE so feel free to drop me a line at to enter to win. Plus, you can check out a preview and fan-made video trailers at  And I'm available to Skype, IM or otherwise "meet" with book clubs, and I love to hear from readers!

Beth Fantaskey

"Fantaskey's (Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side) premise is creative, and there are plenty of twists to keep readers engaged—right through the fiery final face-off. "—Publishers Weekly

Jekel Loves Hyde / Beth Fantaskey / Harcourt

Price: $17.00 / ISBN: 978-0152063900 / Published: May, 2010

Ages 14 & up / Hardcover / YA

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