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John Dreamer
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Elise Celine
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Saving Baby Doe
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Danette Vigilante
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The Milk of Birds
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David Farland

Dear Reader:

In school, I felt I didn't belong. I was an artist, and marched to the beat of my own drum.

So in NIGHTINGALE, I wrote about a loner. Bron is alone in every way—abandoned at birth, no home, family or friends—until he meets an extraordinary teacher. She awakens his talents, wonderful and perilous. Just when he begins to feel that he fits in, he discovers that he's something more than human.

Suddenly, two epic forces collide to reclaim him and he's caught in the middle, fighting desperately to cling to the new life he's found at a superb school, with friends, a girlfriend, and his first real home.

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David Farland

Teacher/Reader/Curriculum Guide

Nightingale / David Farland / East India Press

Price: $7.99 / ISBN: / Published: October, 2011

Ages 12+ / Kindle Edition / Young Adult Fantasy

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