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Nancy Richardson Fischer

Dear Reader:

The idea for PANDORA'S KEY came from two things: My fascination with unwilling heroes and love of Greek mythology.

The key to saving the world hangs from her neck...

Sixteen-year-old Evangeline's mother is having delusions and her godmother is, at the very least, a murderer. A clandestine Order called the Archivists is trying to kill her for a magical talisman she believes is just a necklace with an antique key charm. And an ancient female Sect is bent on kidnapping her. To fight her deadly adversaries Evangeline is forced to use the key to unlock an unbelievable mystery tied to the myth of Pandora. But can she accept who she really is, or will she be responsible for the destruction of the world?  

PANDORA'S KEY is a twisted, shocking, supernatural tale that will satisfy any reader who loves Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins.

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Nancy Richardson Fischer

Pandora's Key / Nancy Richardson Fischer / CreateSpace

Price: $7.50 / ISBN: 978-1467966535 / Published: November, 2011

Ages 15+ / Paperback / YA Urban Fantasy

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