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Gayle Forman

Dear Reader:

Imagine your life with all of its choices. Now imagine your life reduced to one stark choice: Live or die.

At 17, Mia, the heroine of IF I STAY, has some difficult decisions: whether to stay with her boyfriend or pursue her dream of studying cello in New York. But when a snow day cancels school and Mia goes for a drive with her family, tragedy strikes. Mia finds herself ghost-like, outside of her critically injured body. You, the reader, are right there with her as she's rushed to the hospital, as her boyfriend attempts to break in to see her, as friends and relatives sit by her comatose body—and as Mia weighs the most important decision of her life.

IF I STAY is a tearjerker, but it's also funny, full of music, and oh-so romantic. Like with a good song, once you get into it, it's impossible to get this story out of your head.

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If I Stay / Gayle Forman / Dutton

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0525421030 / Published: April 2009

Ages Young Adult / Hardcover; 208 Pages / YA

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