Ode to a Pug by Jill Rosen          
Ode to a Pug
Meet the author
Jill Rosen
(Ages 4-8)

Laura Gehl

Dear Reader,

As a kid, I loved big words. As a parent of young children, I loved picture books that would teach my kids new vocabulary in a fun way. I am proud that JUDGE JULIETTE is not just the humorous story of a strong girl with a passion for justice...but also a book that introduces kids to legal vocabulary. Terms like "adjudicating" and "speculation" are sprinkled throughout the text, with a glossary at the end.

I hope JUDGE JULIETTE will get kids excited to learn how courtrooms work. I hope young readers will start holding their own mock trials. And I hope that adults and children alike will wait with bated breath to discover how Juliette will rule in the most difficult case of her career...Mom v Dad.

Check out my website for the teacher’s guide, and send me an email at for the chance to win a free copy!

Laura Gehl  

  This story of a young girl with a dream is a refreshing addition to career shelves. —School Library Journal 
Judge Juliette / Laura Gehl / Sterling Books

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1454934325 / Published: August, 2020

Ages 4-7 / Picture Book