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Margie Gelbwasser

Dear Reader:

When you grow up multicultural, which traditions do you embrace and which do you shun? Born in Russia, I came to the United States when I was three years old. However, the struggle of trying to fit in with both my American friends and my Russian home plagued me throughout my teens.

Alyssa Bondar, a Russian-Jewish teen in New Jersey, walks this same tightrope in INCONVENIENT. Amid a popularity-hungry best friend and her first crush, Alyssa must also cope with her mother's alcoholism — something her Russian family believes is just a "normal" part of life.

Family alcoholism continues to remain a shameful secret for too many teens. And too many cultures still adhere to the stereotype that it can't happen to them. To learn more about INCOVENIENT, a 2011 Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Teens, and win a signed copy, contact me via my website:

Margie Gelbwasser

"The story is both hilarious and heartbreaking,... the situations are universal.... The story, especially the ending, is honest and unsentimental about the difficulties Alyssa faces."—Booklist

"...Alyssa's story is a refreshing take on the YA problem novel, one that refuses melodrama and favors instead the powerful significance of the smaller moments of life-a smell, a look, a flash of a memory." —School Library Journal

"Gelbwasser realistically portrays the shifting emotions of a teenager navigating complicated situations and conflicting loyalties. This is a complicated drama of people sinking to the lowest common denominator and rising to their best selves to do the right thing."—VOYA

Inconvenient / Margie Gelbwasser / Flux

Price: $9.95 / ISBN: 978-0738721484 / Published: November, 2010

Ages 7-12 / YA

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