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Guido van Genechten

Dear Reader:

CIRCUS 1 2 3 is a very simple counting book. I'm fascinated by simplicity (Doing more with less. How does that work exactly?) and had the idea of making a book in one day and thought it would work with this story of circus ladybugs. So, I got a kilo of potatoes, a potato peeler, paint (black and red), a pencil and a pile of paper.

On every spread a new animal would appear. By evening, I had stamped every piece of paper with ladybugs using half-cut potatoes. My dream had come true. It wasn't until the next morning I noticed that all the animals looked the same. It took me three weeks and a few kilos of potatoes to give them all their own personality. Live and learn!

(By the way, the son of friends of mine really hangs from the trapeze in a circus.)

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Guido van Genechten
CIRCUS 1 2 3

Circus 1 2 3 / Guido van Genechten / Clavis Books

Price: $13.95 / ISBN: 978-1605371627 / Published: November, 2013

Ages 3-5 / Picture Book

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