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Jamie Harper

Dear Reader:

Underneath the caps of Snapple® drinks, there are fun facts about animals like "Flamingos turn pink when they eat shrimp". I've been collecting these caps for years. Little did I know that they would inspire stories about a flamingo kindergarten teacher and her class of unique animals.

In MISS MINGO WEATHERS THE STORM, Miss Mingo and her class go on a challenging hike. It rains, it pours; there's hail, even snow! Do the animals make it to the top? Fascinating facts about how animals respond to and/or predict different kinds of weather are included separately from the story. My favorite part of making the book was doing research on the animals.

Email me an interesting animal fact for a chance to win some free Miss Mingo tattoos and a signed copy of MISS MINGO WEATHERS THE STORM at

Check out the other two Miss Mingo books on my website: I love to hear from readers.

Jamie Harper

Miss Mingo Weathers the Storm / Jamie Harper / Candlewick

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-0763649319 / Published: March, 2012

Ages 4-7 / Picture Book

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