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Patricia Hass

Dear Reader,

A mysterious creature haunts the Great Dismal Swamp — can the Shockoe Slip Gang discover its secret before it's too late?

The only thing better than going out into the world and having a great adventure is reading about a great adventure. Swamps and bears, wildfires and wild horses, and smart, resourceful kids make for the best kind of adventure; and I hope the kids you know have as much fun reading this book as I had writing it.  

I hope, too, that they'll like learning about the Great Dismal Swamp's environment: it's animals, birds, beautiful plants and trees and waterways.

SWAMPFIRE: A SHOCKOE SLIP GANG ADVENTURE follows my novel The Shockoe Slip Gang: A Mystery, but you can read them in any order.

Patricia Hass

"A full blooded, fiery Arabian horse roaming the Great Dismal Swamp is an apparition worthy of anyone's summer vacation fantasies. [The Shockoe Slip Gang] attempt to lead the lost horse away from a pursuing game warden and his hounds. Sally's heroism is gratifying and the mosquitoes, snakes and scratchy thickets have a convincing sting." —Kirkus Reviews
Swampfire / Patricia Hass / Windsong Press

Price: $8.99 / ISBN: 978-0578709871 / Published: July, 2020

Ages 8-12 / Paperback / YA