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Barbara Hay

Dear Reader:

One rowdy weekend — not too many years ago — a Native American man was killed in my hometown. The white man who did it got one-year in jail. That injustice spurred me to write my debut young adult novel, LESSON OF THE WHITE EAGLE, with the hope that I could help the next generation do better.

In my story, all fifteen-year-old Dusty Hamilton wants to do is go to his hometown's bash for the 1893 Land Run centennial. Instead, he finds himself a witness to a hate crime — and he's driving the getaway car.

Then a mystical white eagle invades his dreams, taking Dusty back in time to watch the horrors the Poncas endured on their forced removal to Oklahoma Territory and the courageous stand taken on their behalf by one of the first civil rights activists in the United States — the Ponca's own Chief Standing Bear.

Will Dusty learn the lessons the white eagle has to teach him? ? Will he learn that being a friend should never mean having to hate another? Or will he bow to the status quo? I have autographed copies of the book for five lucky readers who e-mail

Barbara Hay

Lesson of the White Eagle / Barbara Hay / The RoadRunner Press

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1937054007 / Published: October, 2011

Ages 12+ / Young Adult Fiction

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