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Deborah Heiligman

Dear Reader:

I fell in love with a dead person. Two, actually. Of course I had heard of Charles Darwin, father of evolution. But I knew very little about him as a man. When I learned that he and his wife Emma had a close, loving marriage and that Emma was religious and scared they would be separated for all eternity, fireworks exploded inside of me. I knew I had a book to write. I was a religious studies major in college, and my husband writes about science. What I didn't know was how much I would fall in love with both Charles and Emma as I read their letters and journals, and wrote the story of their life together. And I have been thrilled to get letters from readers—from age eleven to eight seven—saying they also fell in love with the Darwins. I hope you do, too. Please let me know.

I would like to offer free signed copies of CHARLES AND EMMA: THE DARWIN'S LEAP OF FAITH. Please e-mail me at and tell me your love story—with a person dead or alive—for a chance to win. Deadline: October 24, one month before the anniversary of THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES.

Deborah Heiligman

Charles and Emma / Deborah Heiligman / Henry Holt and Co.

Price: $18.95 / ISBN: 978-0805087215 / Published: December, 2008

Ages 12 and up / Hardcover; 272 Pages / Nonfiction

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