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Amy Hest

Dear Reader:

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but here goes: I'm quite in love with LITTLE CHICK. Sometimes this happens to writers. Or at least to this writer. You write away and write away ... and after a very long time you discover — to your utter astonishment — that you have actually written a story! You read it. You fix it. You read it some more and fix it some more, and somewhere along the way, you might be lucky enough to fall in love.

So it was with LITTLE CHICK. She completely stole my heart, and the reason for this has something to do with TRYING. Surely, no one has EVER tried harder than Little Chick! Will her carrot EVER grow tall? Will her kite EVER fly? Will she EVER catch that star and slip it in her pocket? She takes herself so very, very seriously, and I do, too.

Yes, I'm quite in love with LITTLE CHICK.

I love to talk about my books with kids, teachers, librarians and parents. Check out my website,, for more information on school visits and more.

Amy Hest

Little Chick / Amy Hest / Candlewick

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-0763628901 / Published: February, 2009

Ages 4-8 / Hardcover; 56 Pages / Picture book

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