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Charlie Higson

Dear Reader:

Imagine that a mysterious disease has ripped through the adult word and everyone over the age of sixteen has either died or turned into a mindless, flesh-eating freak.

Imagine that you are now trying to survive in an abandoned city, trying to find food and water and shelter while constantly fighting off attacks from zombified adults who are trying to eat you.

Now imagine that another kid turns up with stories about a safe place across the other side of town. Do you trust him? Is this your only chance of survival? Or might he just be leading you into worse danger?

That's the story of my new book, the first in a series, where the kids are the heroes and the adults are the enemy. It's a terrifying action adventure story in which a group of young people set out on a trek through a dangerous city, fighting every step of the way.

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Happy Reading,
Charlie Higson

"Lord of the Flies meets 28 Days Later in this disturbing postapocalyptic adventure" -Publishers Weekly

The Enemy / Charlie Higson / Hyperion

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1423131755 / Published: May, 2010

Ages 14 & up / YA

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