Ode to a Pug by Jill Rosen          
Ode to a Pug
Meet the author
Jill Rosen
(Ages 4-8)

Polly Holyoke

Dear Reader,

I've always been fascinated by the American Pony Express and the Pegasus Myth, and both inspired my new MG fantasy series. Thirteen-year-old Kiesandra's best friend isn't human but that doesn't stop her from sharing jokes and secrets with her winged horse, N'Rah. Like all skyriders, Kie can communicate telepathically with her skysteed. She loves her challenging job as a sky courier but when monsters from long ago reemerge to ravage the Empire no one remembers how to fight them effectively except Kie's uncle... and Kie herself. But how can a shy, dyslexic girl from the fringes of the Empire convince people in power to listen to her... before it's too late?

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Polly Holyoke

"Fans of Wings of Fire will enjoy this gripping fantasy... a thrilling series opener." —Kirkus Reviews

"Holyoke offers a warmhearted tale that emphasizes communication and empathy without neglecting tension and danger..." —Publishers Weekly

"An epic adventure that will leave you breathless and asking for more." —James Ponti, New York Times Bestselling Author of the City Spies Series

Skyriders / Polly Holyoke / Viking Children's Books

Price: $18.99 / ISBN: 978-0593464410 / Published: March, 2023

Ages 8-12 / Middle-grade Fantasy