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Chris Howard

Dear Reader:

I poured so much of myself into my debut novel, ROOTLESS, and I'm honored that Publishers Weekly awarded me a Flying Start as well as a Starred Review for the book. It's been a great beginning and I'm excited people are connecting with this story about a 17-year-old who sets off to find the last living trees in a world where no nature survives.

I was inspired while hiking in the Colorado Rockies, surrounded by trees decimated by insect kill. When I imagined a young man building forests out of scrap metal in a future where only engineered corn could grow, I immediately knew this young tree builder would set off on an adventure to find the last real trees.

And now I'm giving away signed copies of ROOTLESS — winners picked at random! To enter, write me at or visit

Happy reading!

Curriculum/Reader's Guide

"There's a brilliant madness to this deadly post-apocalyptic world, filled with complex characters, shifting loyalties, and layers of mystery... it's also a nonstop adventure, with wild concepts and an almost hypnotic quality to Banyan's terse, weather-beaten narration." - Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

"Themes of loss, redemption, and sacrifice are explored, along with some big questions about science and family and love... Fans of the Mad Max movies, The Hunger Games, and other blood-pounding, life-or-death adventures will find much to like here." - School Library Journal

Rootless / Chris Howard / Scholastic Press

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-0545387897 / Published: November, 2012

Ages 12+ / Paperback / YA Novel

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