Deep, Deep Down by Lydia Lukidis          
Deep, Deep Down
Meet the author
Lydia Lukidis
(Ages 7-11)

Garth Jennings

Dear Reader,

In an effort to make your stay here on planet earth even more exciting I have written you a book. It's called THE DEADLY SEVEN because the hero of the story — eleven-year-old Nelson Green — finds himself in the extraordinary situation of having seven monsters extracted from his little soul. Now is not the time to tell you exactly how these loud-mouthed and colorful creatures come into being, or about the hideous beast that holds Nelson's sister captive in a faraway jungle, and I'm certainly not going to tell you about the herd of hypnotized cows who listen to ABBA as they charge through a raging river, because the whole point of a book is to discover these things for yourself. Right? Of course you knew that. You're a smart cookie. And that's why I'm sure you will enjoy reading THE DEADLY SEVEN.

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Garth Jennings

"Delightful and inventive, this original story entertains at every turn ... Hilarious, madcap action combined with rich language will keep readers rapidly turning pages. Pen-and-ink sketches supplement this highly imaginative book that is part mystery, part adventure, and total fun." —School Library Journal

The Deadly Seven / Garth Jennings / Farrar Strous Giroux

Price: $13.99 / ISBN: 978-1250052759 / Published: April, 2016

Ages 8-12 / Chapter Book