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Maureen Johnson

Dear Reader:

In 1888, a killer prowled the streets of East London, taunting the press, and capturing the world's imagination. He was never caught.

Present day: enter Aurora "Rory" Deveaux, Louisiana born and bred. Rory is doing her senior year of high school in East London. It's hard enough figuring out the English school system. It doesn't help that someone has decided to recreate the Ripper murders, sending London into meltdown. When the killer strikes on the school grounds, Rory becomes the only witness in the case.

But this "new Ripper" might not be new at all. The dead don't always stay in the ground. Only some can see them; Rory's is one of these people. She is also the killer's target, and the clock is ticking down to the final murder. Only the intervention of a secret branch of the London police, and her own nerve, can save her.

I hope you enjoy THE NAME OF THE STAR!

Maureen Johnson

The Name of the Star / Maureen Johnson / Putnam Juvenile

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0399256608 / Published: September, 2011

Ages 12+ / Hardcover / YA Fiction

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