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Connie Kaldor

Dear Reader:

The idea for A DUCK IN NEW YORK CITY came to me after playing a gig in New York City while I was on my way to the airport, heading back home. There was a lone rubber ducky on the back seat in my cab, and I just started making up stories to the driver about how he got there. The next thing you knew I had a story and song about a little duck from the prairie who dreams about making it big on Broadway.

Musically, the CD offers a variety of basic concepts with respect to structure and dynamics in music, playing with rhythm, tempo, pitch...with a whole bunch of funky instruments like the ukulele, the timpani, the juice harp and the dumbek. Also, you can sense that Yanitzia Canette took pleasure translating the songs while Ines Canepa really captured the spirit so our little dancing duck was right at home!

Enter to win a signed copy by emailing with "Un pato por favor" in the subject line. And don't hesitate to tell me a story about a recent trip to NYC I'm always looking for inspiration!

Connie Kaldor

Un Pato en Nueva York / Connie Kaldor / The Secret Mountain

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-2923163765 / Published: May, 2011

Ages 5-7 / Spanish storybook and music CD

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