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Saving Baby Doe
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Charlotte Kandel

Dear Reader:

First you must find me.
Then you must follow me.
Choosing you will test me.
Knowing you will challenge me.
At last you must deserve me.
Mysterious, tantalizing words written in silver ink inside the cover of a book. And a pair of beautiful scarlet silk stockings alive with shimmering energy. What on earth did they mean? Who had sent them?

A parcel had arrived at the Orphanage of St. Jude for 13 year old Daphne Green.


Could it help her in her quest to find a loving family and a longed-for life as a dancer? And would it heal her insecure, untrusting heart?

CONTEST: Read Chapter One at: Then enter to WIN one of 10 FREE COPIES of THE ENCHANTED RIDDLE.

Email me at with your guess about what Daphne must 'find'. I will pick the winners.

Good luck.
Charlotte Kandel

The Enchanted Riddle / Charlotte Kandel / Dutton Children's Books

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0525478249 / Published: January, 2008

Ages 7- 14 / Hardcover / Magical Realism Fiction

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