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Lory S. Kaufman

Dear Reader:

At 14, I read William Golding's Lord of the Flies. That's when I knew I wanted to write futuristic fiction that both young and old would enjoy. Besides loving Golding's fantastic adventure stories, I was also captured by the way he layered important social topics within the plot. And he did it without preaching. So, now it's my turn to reach out to readers with my first three books:

The Verona Trilogy is THE LENS AND THE LOOKER, The Bronze and the Brimstone, and The Loved and the Lost. In them, three teens from the 24th century are kidnapped back to 14th century Verona. There they must adapt to the harsh medieval ways or die. Time travel, historical fiction, sf, adventure and a Romeo & Juliet romance. Read by tweens, teens, boys, girls and adults. And I'm so very pleased how quickly readers jump from one book to the next.

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Lory Kaufman
Also available in e-book

The Lens and the Looker / Lory S. Kaufman / Fiction Studio Books

Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-1936558025 / Published: March, 2011

Ages 12+ / Paperback / YA

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