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Steven Kellogg

Dear Reader,

Misbehaving as exuberantly as ever, Pinkerton bounds back in a revised and re-illustrated 35th anniversary edition of PINKERTON, BEHAVE!.  Among the changes are:  fresh details that heighten the humor, an editorial adjustment that gears the book to a post-Sandy Hook readership, and all new, action-packed illustrations.

Inspired by the real Pinkerton, a loveable and impossible Great Dane pup whose inability to adapt created merry havoc in my household, his namesake in the story poses the same challenge to his family.  His ineptitude provokes exasperation and despair until his young mistress decodes his misbehavior pattern.  Armed with that insight, she directs Pinkerton in bringing about the downfall of a burglar, thereby elevating her beloved friend to heroic status!

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Steven Kellogg
Pinkerton, Behave! / Steven Kellogg / Dial

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-0803741300 / Published: September, 2014

Ages 3-5 / Hardcover / Picture book