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Kate Kingsley

Dear Reader:

When I was a teenager, my family moved from NYC to London. At first, I didn't fit in. My classmates made fun of my accent. They laughed at the way I dressed. But by my junior year, I found myself adoring the UK and all its eccentric traditions. At sixteen, my friends and I were throwing crazy house parties, jetting across the Channel to Paris and Rome — and falling in love.

PRETTY ON THE OUTSIDE is the first book in my Young, Loaded & Fabulous series and it's based on my experiences (hurtful, happy and hilarious) as a sixteen-year-old transplant to England.

But it's about more, too: it's a story about how hard it is to deal with feeling different when you're a teen — whether it's because you're from a foreign country, because you've never had a boyfriend, or because your family has a shameful secret.

My characters are inspired by the catty jet-set kids I hung out with at high school. As for the scandalous antics they get up to? Some are true, some aren't. I dare you to guess which are which...

Email to win a signed copy or a cool Topshop bracelet! And if you have a scandalous teen story to share - do!

Happy reading,

"Gossip Girl fans will love this!" —Bliss magazine
YL&F 2: EVERYTHING BUT THE TRUTH in stores Sept 2010...

Pretty on the Outisde / Kate Kingsley / Simon & Schuster

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1416993995 / Published: April, 2010

Ages 14 & up / YA Series

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