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Kathleen Krull

Dear Reader:

Thank you so much for your appreciation of our six "LIVES OF" books over the years. One of my very favorite things is when a reader mentions a new interest in history—and credits this series.

Now, after 12 years, I'm delighted to present LIVES OF THE PIRATES, the new addition to the still widely read books featuring MUSICIANS, WRITERS, ARTISTS, ATHLETES, PRESIDENTS, and EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN.

Who ISN'T obsessed with pirates? More than $1 billion has been earned by the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies—which are pure fiction. My book separates the myths from reality while dishing the juicy details about 20 famous pirates, from scary Blackbeard to the even more frightening Madame Cheng, from Black Bart to Grace O'Malley to Sir Francis Drake. All of them fascinating, and together, presented chronologically, providing an unusually colorful way of looking at world history.

My hope is that LIVES OF THE PIRATES will satisfy all those obsessed with pirate lore—and will lure a new generation of readers on to the other books.

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Your fan,
Kathleen Krull

Lives of the Pirates / Kathleen Krull / Houghton-Mifflin

Price: $21.00 / ISBN: 978-0152059088 / Published: July, 2010

Ages 9-12 / Nonfiction

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