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Patricia Lakin

Dear Reader:

As a youngster, I cut my chops on Dick and Jane. Ugh, simple words but no story.

As a writer, and former elementary school teacher, I love creating simply worded inventive, funny stories that new readers can decipher and enjoy. The result—the Max and Mo series—two hamster friends living in a cozy cage, in a school's art room, having adventures when the "big ones" leave.

In MAX AND MO GO APPLE PICKING, they have a food revolt, a daring escape, a near death experience, and learn how to make apple prints and applesauce—with directions included—told in less than 300 easy-to-decipher words.

Max licked. "Applesauce! Yum!"
Mo picked. "Apple bits! Yum!"

Need a book with simple words and a fast paced story? That's MAX AND MO GO APPLE PICKING, Yum!

Win this book, signed by Brian Floca and me: describe and name an imaginary classroom pet and send to by October 15th. Five winners will be selected.

Patricia Lakin

Max and Mo Go Apple Picking / Patricia Lakin / Aladdin

Price: $3.99 / ISBN: 978-416925354 / Published: August, 2007

Ages 4-6 / Ready-to-Read, Level 1

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