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Sarah Marwil Lamstein

Dear Reader:

On a rainy night in early spring - Big Night - secretive creatures, the spotted salamanders, crawl up from their winter burrows and make their way down to a vernal pool, where they mate and lay their eggs.

But what if a road interrupts the salamanders' path to the pool? How will they cross in safety?

Over the years on Big Night, I've joined crews of people, young and old, patrolling roads that slice the salamanders' path. We gently lift the spotted creatures and carry them across the road, out of harm's way, then set them down on the other side to continue their important journey.

Always the children among us are the most eager to help. This happy intersection of child and critter is what I write about in BIG NIGHT FOR SALAMANDERS.

Happy reading! And enjoy Carol Benioff's beautiful illustrations!

My best,

P.S. Please contact me via my website if you'd like to receive a copy of the book. I will pick five readers at random.

P.P.S. I'm always happy to speak with groups about BIG NIGHT!

Big Night for Salamanders / Sarah Marwil Lamstein / Boyds Mills Press

Price: $17.95 / ISBN: 978-1932425987 / Published: March, 2010

Ages 4 to 9 / Picture Book

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