Gitty and Kvetch by Caroline Kusin Pritchard          
Gitty and Kvetch
Meet the author
Caroline Kusin Pritchard
(Ages 4-8)

Lauren Magaziner

Dear Reader,

I really wanted to write a book that would be exciting to kids, especially those who love games. In this interactive novel, the choices matter and the reader is in the driver's seat.

In CASE CLOSED: MYSTERY IN THE MANSION, the first book in a "pick your path" mystery series, Carlos and his friends need your help to crack the case and figure out who's been sending the eccentric town millionaire, Guinevere LeCavalier, death threats.

With hundreds of choices, over thirty endings, and countless puzzles, MYSTERY IN THE MANSION was especially challenging to write. But it was also the most fun I've ever had while drafting, almost like putting together a giant puzzle myself. I'm so excited to share this book, which "blends the fun of interactive stories with a suspenseful mystery and delightful characters" (Booklist).

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Happy sleuthing,

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Mystery in the Mansion / Lauren Magaziner / HarperCollins

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0062676276 / Published: August, 2018