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Jackie Clark Mancuso

Dear Reader:

While living in Paris, I started drawing dogs in Luxembourg Gardens. One morning I woke up imagining an American dog visiting Paris who was having a terrible time making friends because the other dogs spoke French. I soon realized the little dog was me.

Two years later I had finished writing and painting PARIS-CHIEN: ADVENTURES OF AN EX-PAT DOG, a picture book about a Norwich Terrier who persevered, as I had, to learn a new language and make friends. I hope Hudson's experience will be meaningful to children who have to move to a new country, city or school.

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Jackie Clark Mancuso

"Hudson, a plucky terrier, can't wait to meet French dogs while spending a year in Paris.... When he finally finds a dog park, another obstacle arises: The dogs only speak French. Hudson eventually absorbs the language, thanks to lessons from—who else?—a French poodle. A sprinkling of French words are defined in a glossary.... The story showcases Mancuso's playful gouache paintings of Paris' human and canine denizens, and she gives Hudson a bold, amusing narrative voice." —Publishers Weekly

Paris-Chien / Jackie Clark Mancuso / La Librairie Parisienne

Price: $17.95 / ISBN: 978-0615545424 / Published: June, 2013

Ages 5-7 / Pre-school

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