Ode to a Pug by Jill Rosen          
Ode to a Pug
Meet the author
Jill Rosen
(Ages 4-8)

Chris Matthews

Dear Reader,

How many other fun math books do you have? In my other job as a math teacher, I search for ways to bring rigorous math to my students with excitement and humor. I never found a book that matched that energy, so I wrote one myself!

THE DREGG DISASTER reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure® Classic. This book has giant rats, laser robots, portals, and a thrilling escape. There are dozens of story choices and death endings. 

What makes this book different is the way you move from page to page. Are you on page 29- stuck in quicksand? Before you can continue, you'll have to solve an equation. Did you get 15? Turn to page 15! Then turn to that page! Each problem is a puzzle that pulls you deeper into a world of shrink-rays and stolen gold.     

DREGG is broken into four chapters, each one featuring a different unit from an algebra class. Each path follows the same series of math standards to sharpen students current understanding of algebra or learn something new.

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Enjoy solving the puzzles!
Chris Matthews
The Dregg Disaster / Chris Matthews / Chooseco

Price: $19.99 / ISBN: 978-1937133931 / Published: October, 2022

Ages: 11+ / Middle-grade Gamebook