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R. A. Montgomery

Dear Reader:

This book has a funny story. YOUR VERY OWN ROBOT has been one of the most popular CYOAs for younger readers. As Chooseco publisher, I told R.A. Montgomery I thought we should do a sequel. The robot character was so fun and zany. The new artwork by Keith Newton was so vibrant. Ray asked what the book should be about. I told him anything as long as we could call it YOUR VERY OWN ROBOT GOES CUCKOO BANANAS. He said okay. And retreated to the writing studio. A month went by. Then two. I asked how things were coming. Ray said "fine." It took him a few more weeks to admit he was stuck. For only the second time in a long career, he had gotten writer's block. "Can you help?" he asked. At that point, presses and customers waiting, I had no choice! So what you have is the first collaborative work by R.A. Montgomery and Shannon Gilligan. The story is anchored around a trip to your town's new waste processing plant. Although "trip" might be too kind a word. More like an escape. Your Very Own Robot excels at getting into trouble. Although he needs your help...

Shannon Gilligan

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Your Very Own Robot Goes Cuckoo Bananas / R. A. Montgomery / A Dragonlark Book; Choose Your Own Adventure

Price: $6.99 / ISBN: 978-1933390390 / Published: September, 2009

Ages 5 8 / Picture book

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