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Young-sook Moon

Dear Reader:

What would it be like to live in North Korea? You've probably heard about the country — starving people and nuclear tests — on the news. I'm from South Korea, so I hear a lot about it, too!

My book ACROSS THE TUMEN is the story of a North Korean boy named Yeong-dae who runs into all sorts of problems and finally becomes a kkotjebi, or a child beggar. It's not all bad news for our hero, though. He decides to take a risk and cross the Tumen River into China.

Yeong-dae's story is fiction, of course, but the truth is that many North Korean children experience the same hardships as him. To make sure that my book was realistic and accurate, I read articles by North Korean defectors to the South and met some of them in person. I even went on a 600-mile journey along the Yalu River, which runs between China and North Korea.

ACROSS THE TUMEN is an exciting coming-of-age story. But more than that, I believe that it will give readers a unique glimpse into the lives of North Korean children today.

I'm giving away 5 copies. Write me at for a chance to win!

Moon Young-sook

Across the Tumen / Young-sook Moon / Seoul Selection

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1624120091 / Published: January, 2014

Ages 13+ / Young Adult Historical Fiction

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