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Peter Moore

Dear Reader:

Confession: I've thought werewolves were way cool ever since I was a little kid. Bigger confession: I still do. But I'd never seen a story that explored what it would really feel like to live a werewolf's life. What if we lived in a world where werewolves were at the lower end of society second class citizens? And if werewolves were at the lower end, who were the elite on the other side? Well, vampyres. Hm.

So I wondered: what would it be like for a kid who looked one way on the outside, so he could live the good life of a vamp, but who felt different on the inside? What if this kid had to keep a huge secret from everyone family, friends, teachers his fear that soon, at the next full moon, everything in his life would change forever?

I thought this had the makings of the werewolf story I never read, but it had all the stuff I would look for in that kind of story: action, humor, and relatable characters with real feelings and real problems. And, of course, werewolves. I'm hoping you have as great a time reading RED MOON RISING as I had writing it.

Happy Reading,

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Red Moon Rising / Peter Moore / Hyperion

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1423116653 / Published: February, 2011

Ages 12+ / YA

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