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Johan Olander

Dear Reader:

As the world's foremost expert on monsters, and author/illustrator of the seminal A Field Guide to Monsters and the brand new, A FIELD GUIDE TO ALIENS, I am often invited to perform my "academic" lecture on the science of monstrology. The central theme in which is the value of an open mind, a keen eye for observation and a vivid imagination. The fact that I appear in professional dress, a khaki outfit with lots of pockets, stuffed with pens, pointers, extra flashlights, foot odor spray, "monster-go-away-spray" and the very popular "Danger to Humans Stamp" lends credibility (and ridiculousness) to my appearances.

I explain where monsters and aliens come from: A narrow zone where reality and fantasy overlap. For kids that are curious or scared of monsters or aliens I recommend going on monster hunts. Grab a flashlight, pen and paper, investigate and document your own imagination.

I'm giving away an edition of unique archival art prints; e-mail me at and I will award them randomly.

Hope to see you in the zone...

Johan Olander

A Field Guide to Aliens / Johan Olander / Marshall Cavendish

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-0761455943 / Published: April, 2010

Ages 8 - 12 / Hardcover

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