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Carol Antoinette Peacock

Dear Reader:

Did you ever make a promise you KNEW you had to keep? Move to a new town and feel lonely, displaced? Or part from a friend, then ache from such missing?

My RED THREAD SISTERS is for you! Wen leaves her best friend Shu Ling at a Chinese orphanage and promises she'll find her a family, too. But will Wen keep her promise?

Enter a book raffle and win one of 5 free, signed copies. Visit my website, Under "Contact," sign my mailing list, using the subject head "Raffle."

Or enter my Friendship Contest! Using the mailing list subject heading "Contest," email me a photo of you and your best friend. I'll pick the 3 best portrayals of friendship. Both the winner and friend get 3 free signed copies of RED THREAD SISTERS, along with 2 Red Thread mugs.

Happy Reading,
Carol Antoinette Peacock
Teacher Guide

"...provides a moving and engaging experience for readers. A fine addition to both the coming-of-age genre and books sensitively dealing with cross-cultural adoption. (Fiction. 9-14)" —Kirkus Reviews

"....perfectly paced...heartwarming and joyous."—School Library Journal

Red Thread Sisters / Carol Antoinette Peacock / Viking

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-0670013869 / Published: October, 2012

Ages 9-16 / Middle-Grade Fiction

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