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Ridley Pearson

Dear Reader:

Hey, have you ever wondered what it would be like have a photographic memory? To never, ever forget a single thing you've said, or done, or others have said or done to you?  It's a blessing and curse, as it turns out for Steven "Steel" Trapp who finds himself offered a place at a boarding school, only to realize it's no normal school.

Steel remembers the good stuff, absolutely.  But he also remembers the bad stuff, and worse, he remembers things he would rather forget — like other people's secrets. Torn between misunderstood friendships and teachers he's not sure he can trust, he sneaks around in the school's utility tunnels, popping up where he's least expected.

I attended a similar school (a long time ago) and I discovered tunnels just like the ones Steel ends up in.  Come join me for the crawl of a lifetime.  And bring a flashlight.

I'm giving away five signed copies of STEEL TRAPP-THE ACADEMY, picked from random entries. You can enter by writing me at or visit

Thanks for reading!

Steel Trapp: The Academy / Ridley Pearson / Disney/Hyperion

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1423115328 / Published: January, 2010

Ages 11 and up / Hardcover / YA

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