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Mary E. Pearson

Dear Reader:

Have you ever had a bad day?  A bad week?  A whole string of bad luck and you wondered why me?  You even uttered those words, when it rains it pours? Have you ever wished it could work the other way?  One whole day where everything went completely right?  A fair day, if you will? I wondered that too, and you know what happens when a writer wonders... one thing leads to another, and soon I was writing about Destiny who wishes for one completely fair day, where everything goes–quite incredibly–right.  But right is not always what it seems and as Destiny revealed herself to me, I knew there was more to her story than just a day of fairness.  I had great fun writing this story–and shed a few tears as well.  I hope you experience your share of fun and tears too, as you read THE MILES BETWEEN.

Mary Pearson 

PS There is a book trailer on You Tube and teens can reach me on my blog, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook –all at – so they can share their fair day with me. 

The Miles Between / Mary E. Pearson / Henry Holt

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0805088281 / Published: September, 2009

Ages 14 and up / Hardcover / YA fiction

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