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Laura Pedersen

Dear Reader:

When I was growing up most families went on a long car trip in the summer, usually to visit relatives. The routine was pretty much the same — Dad spent hours packing the trunk or roof of the car, Mom made sandwiches to eat along the way, and kids sat in the back alternatively playing and arguing with each other.

We played games such as License Plate Bingo, Twenty Questions and Counting Cows. We fought about whether someone purposely or accidentally poked another person or else who was taking up more than their allotment of space, and stopped only when Dad threatened to turn around and go home. I wrote UNPLUGGED because I wondered if with all the newfangled devices that occupy and entertain us it's still possible to play old-fashioned games and spend time talking (and arguing) with our families to create these cherished memories.

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Laura Pedersen

Unplugged / Laura Pedersen / Tilbury House

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-0884483373 / Published: September, 2012

Ages 7-11 / Children's Book

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