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Saving Baby Doe
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Sarah Porter

Dear Reader:

The mermaids of legend sank ships and drowned sailors, but no one ever seemed to ask what reasons they might have for doing it. Why were these beautiful sea-girls so compelled to use their powerful voices to enchant humans in this way? And were they affected by their own magic, wounded by their own destructive actions? Once I began considering the idea that mermaids might be those once-human girls who were so hurt that they rejected their own humanity, their behavior began to make a lot more sense.

LOST VOICES explores the dilemmas facing these lost girls. My heroine, Luce, struggles with the realization that no amount of revenge can ever erase the mermaids' pain, and that escaping to a life of freedom in the sea doesn't mean she can escape the humanity that lies secret in her heart.

Sarah Porter

Lost Voices / Sarah Porter / Harcourt

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0547482507 / Published: July, 2011

Ages 7+ / YA

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