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Wouter van Reek

Dear Reader:

As a kid who loved science and math, I was always full of plans and ideas, and I endlessly tried to make all kinds of fantastic inventions. But I had only cardboard, glue and wire, so my inventions often didn't work out that well.

When I started drawing my inventions, they worked much better. So I became an illustrator and animator, and now I create stories about Coppernickel, a smart, curious bird who is very good at inventing stuff. In fact he is so good at it that he sometimes goes a little bit too far and makes things that are not entirely possible.

What I love about Coppernickel is that he never stops. When he gets to the end of all evident possibilities, he always finds a way to go a little bit further anyway, and then some, until he is way beyond what seemed possible at first.

In COPPERNICKEL, THE INVENTION he makes a machine for picking high-hanging elderberries (he really likes elderberries). As he works out all kinds of additions, the machine gets bigger and bigger and very complicated. When the machine is accidentally started, it gets out of control. Fortunately, his friend Tungsten is there to save the day.

You'll see! Please watch the award-winning (Chicago Children's Film Festival) animated short.

To win one of 10 free copies that we're giving away, please send us ( either a drawing of or story about your own invention or a clear, illuminating name for Coppernickel's!

Since I live in The Netherlands, I can't easily visit with you, though just maybe I'll make it to the US for the publication of my second book by Enchanted Lion Books in 2011! In the meanwhile, please feel free to email me at: to share your inventions or find out more about Coppernickel.

Wouter van Reek

Coppernickel, The Invention / Wouter van Reek / Enchanted Lion

Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-1592701001 / Published: April, 2008

Ages 4-8 / Hardcover; 32 Pages / Picture book

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