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Laura Joy Rennert

Dear Reader:

Come visit a kingdom with royal balls, magical animals, and an Academy just for princesses!

Princess Emma comes from a long line of princesses. Her great-great-grandmother Snow White and grandmother Beauty both won the All-School Princess Contest when they were students. Emma's in her first year at the Academy, and, with the contest looming, she doesn't have a lot of faith in herself. Her classmates don't have much faith in her either, because Emma is not your typical princess. For starters, Emma has a secret: she really wants to be a Dragon Rider!

Girls will root for and relate to Emma. She's sporty and funny and always herself... whether she's competing in an All-School Princess Contest or trying to save her kingdom's dragons from extinction.

I love talking to kids, librarians, and booksellers, and am available to do book events in person or via Skype. Check out my website for more information on the book and for the Royal Princess Academy story/party kit:

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Royal Princess Academy: Dragon Dreams / Laura Joy Rennert / Dial

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0803737501 / Published: September, 2012

Ages 6+ / Hardcover / Chapter book

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