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Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem & Pat van Beirs

Dear Reader:

Forget all you have been told about the Middle Ages. Fourteen-year old impertinent Marguerite will tell you, in her very own words, about life at the castle as it really was! She will tell you about the knights who are ill-mannered nitwits, the malodorous monks who teach her Latin verbs, her stern father who never wanted a daughter in the first place, handsome squire William who secretly kisses her in the reading chapel and English prince Edmund, aka the Pustule, whom she must marry before winter comes. You will not forget brave, quirky Marguerite, the heroine of A SWORD IN HER HAND.

We have based our novel on real-life Marguerite van Male, who grew up in a time of knights, war and the plague. Some of the novel is fact, some of it is legend. But one thing is for sure: Marguerite was anything but a damsel in distress.

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Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem & Pat van Beirs

A Sword in Her Hand / Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem & Pat van Beirs / Annick Press

Price: $12.95 / ISBN: 978-1554512904 / Published: February, 2011

Ages 12+ / Paperback / Young Adult

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