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Carole P. Roman

Dear Reader:

Let's do it together!  In I WANT TO DO YOGA, TOO, Halle learns that not only is yoga easy, it's fun too.  This quote says it all:

"OM! A 'divine' new mommy-and-me picture book that is sure to resonate with yogis, yoginis and enlightened mothers in yoga studios everywhere.  The illustrations neatly complement this sweet tale without detracting from the enjoyably simple test and they give visual clues that allow readers to join along and practice yoga with Hallie." —The Children's Book Review

Email me via my website to enter to win a signed copy.

Carole P. Roman

"I am a yoga teacher and this is the one sentence I hear all the time from my students..."  Robin Appel, —Awaysatalm

"Roman's new book is a subject matter that so many can relate to with yoga seeming to have exploded in the recent year.  I love that I WANT TO DO YOGA, TOO embraces reading and working out. It's a theme that may help slow down obesity issue with our youth."  —Mommysmemorandum

I Want To Do Yoga, Too / Carole P. Roman / CreateSpace

Price: $9.25 / ISBN: 978-1475015584 / Published: December, 2012

Ages 4+ / Paperback

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