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Monika Schröder

Dear Reader:

MY BROTHER'S SHADOW is set in Berlin 1918, during the last days of World War I.

Nothing is the way it used to be for 16-year old Moritz. His country is loosing the war and his brother returns home from the battlefield a bitter, maimed war veteran, ready to blame Germany's defeat on everything but the old order. Moritz meets Rebecca, a Jewish girl who is also a socialist, and can't stop thinking about her. As a socialist revolution sweeps away the monarchy, he must choose between allegiance to his dangerously radicalized brother and those who usher in the new democracy.

If you like to read a fast-paced story set in a dramatic time in Europe's history MY BROTHER'S SHADOW is for you. Visit my website at to watch the trailer or download a discussion guide. To win a signed copy e-mail me at:

Monika Schröder

"In this nuanced and realistic work of historical fiction, Schröder (Saraswati's Way) immerses readers in her setting with meticulous details and dynamic characters that contribute to a palpable sense of tension. Moritz's intimate narration captures the conflicts, divided loyalties, and everyday horrors of the period." —Publishers Weekly

"'War gives meaning to some men's lives. For other men, the experience of war extinguishes all meaning in life,' says a man who becomes Moritz's mentor; Schröder makes this sad and ever-timely lesson all too clear." —Kirkus Reviews

My Brother’s Shadow / Monika Schröder / Frances Foster Books

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0374351229 / Published: September, 2011

Ages 12+ / YA Historical Fiction

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