Ode to a Pug by Jill Rosen          
Ode to a Pug
Meet the author
Jill Rosen
(Ages 4-8)

Keiko Sena

Dear Reader,

My son was the inspiration for Gracie — when he was in elementary school, his teacher recommended that he get his eyes checked and he needed glasses. Since there were only a small number of students wearing them, I wanted to cheer him up by writing a story about how wearing glasses was fun. That was 40 years ago and he's now a university professor proudly sporting his glasses. I hope you enjoy this story about seeing things as they are whether you wear glasses or not, for Halloween and every day.

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Keiko Sena

"Her indelible good cheer is appealing, and her Mr. Magoo-like mistakes are gently amusing. Sena's textured collage illustrations employ torn paper to evoke Gracie's fur; the simplicity of the compositions gears the book to younger readers." —Vicky Smith, Kirkus Reviews

"This well-illustrated and simple story will delight younger readers who enjoy knowing more than the main character. I can already imagine young children at storytime shouting out GRACIE, IT WAS A GHOST ALL ALONG!!!" —
Gracie Meets A Ghost / Laura Gehl / Museyon

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1940842134 / Published: Ocotber, 2016

Ages 3-5 / Picture Book