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Randall de Seve

Dear Reader:

I know the rules. You're not supposed to make fun of people—especially not your own family. But I did. I admit it, I did!

The title character in THE DUCHESS OF WHIMSY: AN ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS FAIRY TALE is my mother; her love interest, my father. Ok, not really my mother and father (but that's where the fun comes in). In real life, my mother doesn't ride on a fairy-pulled swing. In real life, my father doesn't only cook grilled cheese sandwiches—he doesn't cook at all! But this is a fairy tale—"a nice break from routine princess stories" (School Library Journal)—so anything goes. Right?

Want to know more about this "magical" world, brought to life by my extremely talented husband/illustrator, Peter de Seve, and "certain to be beloved by every ordinary and extraordinary child out there today" (Fuse #8)? Write to me on facebook or at And here's Peter, too!

Happy reading!

The Duchess of Whimsy / Randall de Seve (author), Peter de Seve (illustrator) / Philomel

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-0399250958 / Published: October, 2009

Ages 4-8 / Hardcover / Picture book

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