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Gail Silver

Dear Reader:

"The combination of Silver's engaging narrative and Krömer's colorful collages provides a storytelling feast."–LA Yoga

When faced with the task of teaching my children how to express anger, I realized that I too struggled with this difficult emotion, and so, I embarked on an examination of anger using the study of mindfulness as my teacher. The lessons I learned are playfully embedded in ANH'S ANGER to enable children to learn from a young age that anger does not have to be scary or hurtful. The story appeals to young readers through the character of Anger who appears during a tantrum and transitions with Anh through to the resolution of the emotion. The New Yorker Magazine recently featured ANH'S ANGER as a story which teaches "Zen discipline." It is my hope that Anh can help all of us learn to take better care of our anger. If you would like to listen to an excerpt from ANH'S ANGER, enter the November ANH'S ANGER giveaway contest, or schedule a reading, please visit or write me at

Happy reading,
Gail Silver

Anh's Anger / Gail Silver / Plum Blossom Books

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1888375947 / Published: September, 2009

Ages 4-8 / Hardcover / Picture Book

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