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Erica Silverman

Dear Reader:

From childhood on, I've loved poetry. So did Emma Lazarus.

Emma's ancestors came to this country seeking safety and freedom. So did mine.

Immigrants became important to her life's work. I taught English as a Second Language to immigrants for 14 years. As a librarian, many of my patrons come from all over the world.

Reading Emma's poems, articles and letters, I was deeply moved by her passion for poetry and justice, which led her, in 1883, to write the powerful poem that to this day defines the Statue of Liberty.

Emma fought for immigrants' rights back when women had few rights. I hope you find her to be as inspiring a role model as I have.

Who is your role model? Email me at your answer for a chance to win a signed copy of LIBERTY'S VOICE in a random drawing. And check out my booktrailer at

Best wishes,
Teacher's/Reader's Guide

"With colorful, lively illustrations and energetic writing, Silverman's ode to one of the most deserving woman in history is a picture book extraordinaire."  —Kids Home Library

Liberty's Voice / Erica Silverman / Dutton Chilldren's Books

Price: $17.00 / ISBN: 978-0525478591 / Published: February, 2011

Ages 6-9 / Picture Book Biography

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