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Diane Stanley

Dear Reader:

THE SILVER BOWL, my new middle-grade fantasy, is the first book in a trilogy. Like BELLA AT MIDNIGHT, it's set in a world where mysterious things sometimes happen. And, like BELLA, writing it was a particularly joyful experience.

Molly is a tough, street-wise, ill-mannered scullion with secret powers she doesn't understand. While polishing the king's silver hand-basin one day, a voice begins telling her about the terrible curse that has stalked the kingdom of Westria for years. When disaster strikes the royal family, she and her friend Tobias must rescue the young Prince Alaric, destroy the curse, and help him claim his rightful place on the throne. Could a less likely champion be found to save the kingdom?

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Diane Stanley

"A richly realized fantasy premise . . . the central characters . . . come wonderfully alive as their story unfolds and their mettle and character are tested . . . spot-on." —Starred review, Booklist

The Silver Bowl / Diane Stanley / Harper

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0061575433 / Published: April, 2011

Ages 5+ / Middle-grade medieval fantasy

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